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Long before Kevin Gray found success as an entrepreneur, he found himself struggling to provide for his family. At one point Kevin, his wife and children were living in a home with no heat or food. Leaning on their faith and determination to get out of the situation they were in, Kevin started a small company fabricating stone countertops. He has grown that company into a very respected and successful business, 5280 Stone. He never forgot about the struggles they went through and has made sure to give back every chance he gets. 

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Melanie Verstraete is a relationship and mindset expert and  the founder of The Wild Heart Life where she coaches men and women on relationships and love. Through her unique coaching, she helps men and women train their minds and body’s to break free from toxic relationships and so that they can embrace their true happiness and freedom. You can learn more about Melanie and her coaching at: 


MaryAnn Orr was a healthy 32 year old with three children when her life changed one night. While at her sons football team dinner, she started not feeling well but couldn’t figure out what was going on until she collapsed on a table. She was having a stroke. 

At the time of her stroke, doctors rarely considered a stroke as a possible illness for young healthy women. Because of this, doctors did not identify and start treatment of her condition until more that 7 hours later. Despite this, MaryAnn has made an incredible recovery, and has become an advocate for helping others learn how to identify the signs of a stroke and has even helped pass legislation on how the health care system identifies and treats strokes in young people. This is her incredible story.

For more information on the warning signs and symptoms of a stroke, please visit: The American Stroke Association


We all dream of becoming millionaires one day. But for Ryan Jaycox and his wife, that dream became reality. Listen in as Ryan sits down with Dr Mitch to discuss his secret to success and wealth. From working at McDonalds and dropping out of college, to finding faith and understanding that the key to success may come from your heart and passion over a degree.


On the morning of November 5, 2017 the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, was full of worshippers when shots rang out. Hearing the shots, Stephen Willeford grabbed his AR-15 and a hand full of bullets and ran down the street to the church (ironically, he had forgotten to put on shoes and was running barefoot). Little did he know that day would forever change his life and the lives of the entire community of Sutherland Springs.

Stephen confronted the shooter and fired multiple shots at the suspect striking him multiple times. The incident ended after a brief chase and the suspect, bleeding from his wounds, fatally shot himself but not before 26 people had lost their lives and 22 others were seriously injured, making this the deadliest mass shooting in Texas history.

If not for the actions of Stephen Willeford that day, it’s possible many more lives would have been lost. Today, Stephen is an advocate for gun ownership, and is a key member of the Gun Owners of America organization. He is also the author of the acclaimed book, ‘A Town Called Sutherland Springs: Faith and Heroism Through Tragedy’.


As a young adult, Cheryl Hunter dreamed of being a model one day. But all that glamour turned to pain, and trauma when she was kidnapped, beaten and sexually assaulted while on a trip to France at the age of 18. For years Cheryl hid her story from everyone for fear of rejection, judgement and embarrassment. After years of hiding what had happened to her in France, she finally told her story. Instead of rejection, judgement and embarrassment, she found healing by telling her story.

Today, she has been featured on the Dr. Phil show, Fox, NBC, and in People Magazine telling her story in hopes that it helps someone else find healing in their own trauma.


Brett Figueroa is best known for being the #1 top producing sales leader for Tony Robbins. And his journey to the top was filled with struggle and adversity. But what may be even more interesting about his story is the extreme abuse and violence his family was filled with during his youth.

Brett was taken from his parents at the age of 2 and placed into a foster home but was later returned to his parents at the age of 6. From that point on, his young life would be filled with violence and abuse from his father and alcoholic mother. At one point, Brett found the abuse so damaging he burnt down the family home and contemplated suicide.

As a proud father of three, Brett committed himself to breaking the cycle of violence that rocked his childhood. His upcoming book, ‘TRIUMPH’ is a deep dive into his childhood and ultimate success.


Mike ‘C-Roc’ Ciorrocco left a successful career in the mortgage industry to help people become unstoppable in reaching their dreams. He is the author of the acclaimed book, ‘Rocket Fuel’, and host of the podcast, ‘What Are You Made Of?’. Mike believes in helping others through servant leadership and a strong Christian faith.

You can connect with Mike through one of the following:




Doug Dresser is a Hollywood Production Supervisor and Location Manager and has worked on some of Hollywood’s biggest action movies. Doug sits down with Dr Mitch to discuss what exactly a Production Supervisor/Location Manager does and how he got into the movie business to start with and some of unique challenges he has faced when finding and filming on location. Doug’s list of credits as a Location Manager include: Kill Bill Vol. 1, The Matrix Reloaded, Black Panther (1 and 2), Little Women, and many others. You can find a full credit list at: 

Doug Dresser


Jason Jordan is a powerful injury attorney who has dedicated his professional career to helping injured victims find justice through compensation and fighting big time insurance companies. Jason has won hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients in the courtroom by exposing the truths about insurance companies. As an attorney you are sworn by oath to tell the truth in the courtroom and present the facts. But there is something about the truth when told in courtrooms that may not always be the whole truth. Jason opens up on the truths about what really goes on in the courtroom.


Rodman Schley began investing in real estate in his late teens and has established himself as an industry leader in vacation and rental property investing. His newest book, ‘Vacation Property Secrets: An Insider’s Guide to Investing in Vacation Properties’ is a comprehensive guide to help investors succeed in vacation and rental property investing. In this interview, Rodman and Dr Mitch discuss how you can actually get into the real estate investing game for as little as $2,000 and why real estate is one of the smartest investments to build generational wealth.


Bren Worthington has grown up with and unfortunately spent a lifetime around narcissists. From her own father to a college professor, narcissistic abuse seemed to follow her. Once she realized her life revolved around narcissistic relationships and abuse, she made the bold move to leave it all behind and seek healing and recovery. Today, she is helping educate men and women on how to spot narcissistic behaviors and abusive relationships. Her newest book is titled, “You Are Not Crazy: How to Identify a Narcissist, and Recover From Narcissistic Abuse” Learn more about Bren’s story and get your copy of her new book at:

Episode 105 - World Long Drive Champion - Andrew Eigner

Every golfer dreams of crushing the golf ball off the tee. Many of us are lucky if we can hit it 250-300 yards, but Andrew Eigner has hit it over 500 yards! He recently won the World Long Drive Championship in the Amateur Division and is ranked in the top 50 of professional Long Drive competitors. 

He sits down with Dr Mitch to discuss how he got into Long Drive and the difference between hitting the ball for competition and playing a round of golf. They also discuss his training and how he nearly gave up on his dream in 2022. 

Andrew also performs for golf charity events as a Long Driver and you can learn more about how to bring him to your next charity golf tournament to raise money at:


Drug and alcohol addiction seem to affect almost every family, from the White House to Main Street. Addiction can break apart families and destroy lives, and leave those who suffer from it feeling helpless.

Enrique Cruz had a successful auto repair shop in the suburbs of Houston and was doing well for himself and his family. But as is the case with many blessings, there always seems to be a curse and for him that curse was a drug and alcohol addiction that eventually landed him in the Texas Department of Corrections. 

After his release, he committed to turning his life around by getting sober, building back his business and his relationships with his children and those close to him. Today, Cruz-N-Carz is thriving and Enrique and his wife Lisa live in a penthouse in downtown Houston. But he never forgets his past and those that helped him and he continues to help anyone with an addiction problem as a mentor and sponsor. 


Ian Sturgeon is a serial entrepreneur and avid runner. So when he decided that he literally hated all of his big named running shoes, he did what any entrepreneur would do, he started his own shoe company… Func Shoes!

Learn more about Func Shoes at:


Getting fired from a company usually means you never work there again. Brett Figueroa was fired from Tony Robbins three times and still became his #1 trainer! His story of how he went from homeless to the top trainer for Tony Robbins is inspiring and motivational and proves that if you have the drive, passion and belief that you can achieve your dreams, anything is possible. 


Braincode Centers are using neuro therapy and other holistic treatments to help patients suffering with anxiety, depression, brain injury and mental illness. Angie Noack is the Senior Vice President of Business Development and a licensed professional counselor at Braincode Centers and joins Dr Mitch to discuss how they are using a combination of brain mapping, neurofeedback, counseling and other non-drug treatments to help retrain patients neuropathways to address trauma (PTSD), injury (concussions), and anxiety and depression in patients.

For more information on Braincode Centers, please visit:


Brittany and Travis Just just lived a life of adventure but always felt that something was missing. In 2022 they partnered with Diana and Micah LaCerte of HitchFit to launch a new training and adventure program called RockBody Retreats. While on a retreat in Mexico together in late 2022 they discovered that missing piece, Faith in God. 

But then tragedy hit just a few months later when Travis was suddenly killed in a snowmobile accident in Colorado in early 2023. For Brittany, her newly found Faith was either going to be tested or her own saving grace as she found herself alone to raise their two children and manage a life without Travis. 

Just like the adventurous life they lived with ups and downs, Brittany’s story is one that has highs and lows, from deep faith to questions of ‘why’, from strength to vulnerability, and from sadness to happiness. 

You can learn more about RockBody Retreats and the work and life that the Just family and the LaCerte family are doing to bring fitness and faith to people around the world at


Dr Tom Hecker is a renowned Orthopedic Surgeon and has operated on thousands of patients during his career. But when he became the patient after suffering a tragic fall while climbing and shattering his own ankle even the best surgeons told him his only chance was probably amputation. Dr Tom refused to believe his foot needed amputated and one day a guy walked into his office with a new device he was testing out. Dr Tom tried it for himself and within a year his ankle had completely healed, no surgery and no amputation. It also started him on a path of healing patients rather than just ‘fixing’ them. Today, Dr Tom has his own practice, Hecker Sports Medicine in Ft. Collins Colorado where he is using alternative medicine such as stem cells and other options to not only fix but truly heal patients and give them the quality of life they deserve.

You can learn more about Dr Tom and Hecker Sports Medicine at:


Many young women dream of being a mother at some point in their lives. But what happens when you finally realized your dreams of becoming pregnant with your first child, have a normal pregnancy, and are preparing for the birth of your child, and then at 38 weeks you find out you lost your baby just before delivering her? Victoria Dwinel is a young woman who unfortunately had to face that reality. Unfortunately, loss isn’t something new to Victoria. She tragically lost her high school boyfriend in an accident, and then just months later lost her grandmother. But her hope and faith were revived when she found out she was pregnant with her first child. She had a normal pregnancy with no signs of issues until one day at 38 weeks everything changed. After losing her first child, she soon after found out she was pregnant again only to lose that baby just weeks later. The stark reality is that 1 in 4 pregnancies tragically end in miscarriage. And for the parent(s) of that lost child it can be devastating. Victoria shows us though that through love, support and faith you can find healing.


Clara Capano is a best-selling author, motivational speaker, and host of the acclaimed podcast, ‘The Working Women’s Channel’. In her new book, ‘The Mother of All Success Manuals’ she shares her secrets for how women can find harmony between work and life (two things she believes are never in balance). Clara has spoken to thousands of women all around the world inspiring them to seek out their best versions of themselves and to find their own success. She sits down with Dr Mitch for a fun interview on how she uses her own story to help others. You can learn more about Clara, find her newest book, and watch her podcast at:


Diana and Micah LaCerte have been helping people all around the world transform their lives through fitness. They are the founders of the world’s #1 online fitness program, HitchFit and now are partnering with Brittany Justt of RockBody Retreats to bring a whole new level of fitness to the world.

While physical fitness brought them together, it was their deep and devout faith that was the real reason their paths joined. Shortly after their first RockBody Retreat, Brittany tragically lost her husband Travis. But her new found faith and belief in God has been the light that is helping her recover, and that faith may not have been found if not for Diana and Micah.

If you would like to learn more about HitchFit or RockBody Retreats, please visit:


River Lakey was found in a ditch just hours old outside a home in Kigali, Rwanda. At the age of 4 he was adopted by Jimmy Lakey and brought to the United States. It was that moment that Jimmy made a promise to him to help as many of the children of Rwanda as possible.

Since his adoption, River has always known Rwanda is where he is from, but he never understood that it was also his home. Nor did he understand fully the promise his dad made to him and the impact the non-profit organization named after him would have on the people of Rwanda.

On his most recent trip back to Rwanda (now as an 18 year old young man) he had a different perspective and understanding of his home of Rwanda and the work that River’s Promise is doing to help the people there climb from the pit of poverty through education. He is now ready to take the baton and help lead River’s Promise into the future to continue to help the people of Rwanda through education, faith in God and the belief that dreams do come true.

For more information on River’s Promise, please visit:


Jimmy adopted his son River from Rwanda 15 years ago. He could have easily said, “Ok I’m done with Rwanda…” but he made a promise to his son and has kept that promise all these years. Producer Chad recently traveled back to Rwanda with Jimmy and River and got to witness first hand the incredible work that River’s Promise is doing. Now, Jimmy sits down with Dr Mitch to tell how Rwanda has changed him. 

To learn more about River’s Promise:


Producer Chad traveled to Rwanda Africa along with a team from River’s Promise to document all the incredible work they are doing there to help the children of Rwanda.

While Producer Chad was there to do a job, the trip may have had an even more personal and spiritual affect on him. This is his story about his journey there and the experiences he had while there but more importantly the lifelong impact the people of Rwanda and River’s Promise has left on him.

For more information on River’s Promise please go to:


Dr Gregory Buford is a renowned board certified Plastic Surgeon in Colorado. Having performed over 4000 primary and secondary breast augmentations, he is considered to be one of the top breast surgeons in the U.S.  Dr Buford believes that most cosmetic surgery has an incredible positive impact on his patients both physically and mentally. to be their best selves. 

Dr Buford is also an accomplished author and has published several books including his top-seller, ‘Eat, Drink, Heal’, which focuses on the importance nutrition plays in both pre and post surgery. 

For more information, please contact Dr Buford and the team at Beauty By Buford: 


You wouldn’t take financial planning advice from a high schooler so why would you take life coaching advice from a 25 year old? In today’s social media filled world, we see it all the time… the young 20-something on YouTube or TikTok that claims to have all the answers to life’s problems yet they have never really experienced them themselves.

Donna Parker is a licensed family therapist, life coach and speaker for the John D Martini Institute with over 25 years of experience. Tune in as she and Dr Mitch discuss the importance life experience plays in being a great life coach and therapist.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO) 1 in 3 women are involved in a domestically abusive (violent) relationship. When Laura got married at a young age, she never dreamed she would be one of those women. Unfortunately her marriage turned violent and abusive quickly. 

Many of us might think it would be easy to just pack up and leave, but as Laura tells her story you realize it’s not and that it becomes a cycle that is very difficult to break away from. 

And when she stopped at a garage sale in Phoenix, AZ, she realized first hand the power of answered prayers and that despite all she had endured, there truly is a God and he is listening. 

If you or someone you know is in an abusive or violent relationship, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233.


Lori Saitz is the host of the ‘FINE is a Four Letter Word’ Podcast and she joins Dr Mitch to discuss podcasting, coaching and why we all might need to take a sabbatical once in a while. 

You can connect with Lori and listen to ‘FINE is a Four Letter Word’ here:


Brande Roderick’s career includes being Playboy’s 2001 Playmate of the Year (PMOY), starring on Baywatch, and almost winning the Celebrity Apprentice with former president Donald Trump. But none of this may have been possible if not for a chance meeting with Hugh Hefner. Hear her incredible story of how her strong work ethic and willingness to put herself out there helped launch her incredible career. Today, she is a award winning author of ‘Bounce Don’t Break’, film producer, and entrepreneur including owning her own vineyard in California.


This is Marisa Padilla’s story. Her path in life was anything but easy, however her faith in Jesus always remained steadfast even when she found herself staring into a tiny county jail cell after being arrested. But she decided to turn her story into success by using to the help others and is now working on her first Netflix deal.


Charles ‘Chuck’ Andrews is one of the worlds foremost authorities in security. He has over 40 years of law enforcement and security training and works with some of the worlds most renowned security companies and organizations. His new book, ‘Yes S.I.R.’ details how he became one of the most influential and recognized people in the security industry and how he built a network of over 250,000 followers world-wide through his ‘Friends of Chuck’ organization.


Don Horn dreamed of playing football as a kid in the 1950’s. He became an All-American quarterback in college, playing for legendary SDSC coach Don Coryell and winning an NCAA National Championship alongside future Hall of Famer, John Madden and Joe Gibbs. In 1967, Don was selected by the Green Bay Packers in the 1st round (25th overall) and had a legendary career playing for coach Vincent Lombardi. during his career, Don played in some of the most iconic football games in history including the infamous Ice Bowl (Green Bay vs Dallas Cowboys) and Super Bowl II (vs the Oakland Raiders).

Today Don continues his relationship with the NFL through alumni events and the non-profit Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund which helps former players who need assistance with financial and medical help.


Dr Jon Petrick has been treating and serving the Las Vegas Nevada community for decades. He has seen patients in pain and suffering from life long injuries. But he has also seen how an open mind and belief that by understanding his patients perspective and needs first, he is able to help them heal by working together. Today he is bringing this same philosophy to the Nevada state government by running for Nevada State House District 21 where he believes he can carry on his lifelong commitment to serving the public and addressing the real issues that his fellow Nevadan’s face.

Learn more about Dr Jon at:


Roberto Monaco is one of the most dynamic motivational speakers around. He was the top producing speaker for the Tony Robbins group during his tenure there and today he is influencing people around the globe to be better communicators through story telling. He is the co-founder of InflenceOlogy, a company that focuses on public speaking training. His motto is, ‘Don’t speak to inform, speak to transform’ and its one he lives by every day.

Learn more about Roberto Monaco and his company InfluenceOlogy at

Episode 82 - How to go from F*ucked to Focused - Donnie Boivin

Donnie Boivin’s new book, ‘F*CKED TO FOCUSED’ his story about how he eventually built a successful business after nearly loosing it all, and he means literally almost losing the farm he and his wife live on outside of Fort Worth, Texas.

Donnie is a Marine Corps veteran and was a top grossing sales representative for his company. And when the opportunity came to become a business owner and entrepreneur, he quickly realized that he had no f-ing idea what he was doing. But his stubbornness and willingness to power forward even when things seemed impossible led him to the success he has now.

Along with his best-selling books, he is also the CEO of the ‘Success Champions Network’ along with several other businesses.

On the weekends, if you are in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, you might even find him dressed as a pirate selling the handmade wood and forged metal mugs he and his father and brother craft.

To learn more about Donnie, go to

Episode 83 - Finding Faith After Losing It All - Chris Hickey

You could say that Chris Hickey is a modern-day Wyatt Earp. Like the famed lawman of the wild west, Chris started his law enforcement career in Dodge City, Kansas. It was here where Chris had to make a fatal choice facing down an armed and known gang member at the time. On February 28th, Chris had to take the life of another person. That decision would haunt him for decades and put him on a path that would ultimately lead to him losing everything.

Chris eventually landed in Broomfield, Colorado where he was serving as a motorcycle officer and accident reconstructionist for the Broomfield Police Department. He met the women of his dreams, who would become his wife and mother of his two daughters. Together they had it all; big house, nice cars, exotic vacations, but their perfect life came crashing down when in 2008, Chris was nearly killed on his police motorcycle after being hit by a semi-truck. That night in the hospital, when his wife came to visit him, he realized his marriage was over and everything he had was about the be stripped from him.

He describes it as hitting the red button that detonates the bomb, and that’s exactly what happened… a bomb went off and blew his world up. He had hit bottom and had nothing left but faith.

A few years later, Chris would step foot on a boat during a dive trip that would forever change him as a person. Call it fate, call it divine intervention, or maybe just dumb luck, but that three-day diving trip put him on a course where he found love, faith, compassion, and forgiveness in his past and the pain that he had caused so many including himself. But his story may have had a very different outcome had he never stepped foot on that boat.

Episode 82 - The $40 Million Dollar FRaud - Chris Bentley

‘Burning Bellatorum – The Story of a $40 Million Dollar Fraud’ chronicles the success and ultimate failures of Chris Bentley and the oil and gas company he built into an empire. Unfortunately when the market crashed and his company began bleeding money, he resorted to shady deals and practices and many of his investors lost their entire wealth.

100% of the proceeds from the book sales are going to pay back investors. Buy it on Amazon: 

Episode 81 - Life After The NFL - Reggie Rivers

Reggie Rivers was an undrafted free-agent running back with the Denver Broncos from 1991-1996. Following his NFL career, he found himself in broadcasting and writing. He has written 5 books and now owns a company that helps non-profits raise money.

Episode 80 - What to do when the unthinkable happens - kyle bachus

Kyle Bachus is a founding partner of one of the largest personal injury and wrongful death law firms in the state of Colorado, Bachus and Schanker. They have represented thousands of people who have been injured or had loved ones killed in an accident. So when Kyle’s mom was killed in 2020 by the driver of a cement truck in Winter Park, Florida, he suddenly found himself in the shoes of those he had represented and unsure of what to do.

His Amazon Best Seller, Unthinkable, is his personal story about what to do when tragedy strikes a family and they need help and answers. 


Find his book, Unthinkable on Amazon

Episode 79 - Ryan Thompson - 10th Mountain Distilling

Ryan Thompson is a career entrepreneur and founder of the 10th Mountain Distilling Company in Vail, Colorado. Discover how he went from restaurant owner to distiller and how he is honoring the 10th Mountain Division of the U.S. Army with his award winning whiskey and spirits.

To learn more about 10th Mountain Distilling:

Episode 78 - The Truth Is A Declaration Of War - Nick Alfano

Nick Alfano was living the dream life or so it seemed. He had a 7 figure job, a beautiful family, and powerful friends. But he was living a lie. For 17 years he hid behind his wealth and success as he had multiple affairs. When he decided it was time to come clean and change, he realized that the Truth is actually a declaration of war because most people can’t handle the truth. Dr Mitch asks the tough questions about trust, truth, and how Nick was able to put his life back together after years of damage.

The Program: 

Episode 77 - The Blown Up Guy - Brian Fleming

Brian Fleming served as an Infantrymen in the storied 10th Mountain Division of the US Army in Afghanistan. While on patrol his HUMVEE was blown up when it hit a buried IED. Miraculously he walked away from that explosion. He wasn’t so lucky though when another HUMVEE he was in was blown up by a suicide bomber.

Being blown up gave Brian a new purpose though, to help others understand that we are all blown up in some way. And while your battles and wounds may not be from the battlefields of war, they are no less severe. Brian is the author of four books including the acclaimed ‘Redeployed’ and you can find his books and story at:

Episode 76 - Nate 'Big Easy' Lofton

Nate ‘Big Easy’ Lofton has entertained millions around the globe as a member of the famed Harlem Globetrotters.

But way before he was dazzling fans with half-court hook shots, he was simply trying to survive in the projects of New Orleans. In 2005, one of the most destructive hurricanes in history was on a direct path for New Orleans. Little did the Lofton family know that their only way out would lead to Nate on a path to stardom.

Nate is retired from the Globetrotters, and is now in Real Estate in Colorado where he and his wife now call home.

Episode 75 - Combat Silver Star Awardee Jason Harrington

Jason Harrington served in an elite unit that was deployed to Iraq in 2005. On September 19, 2005 his life would change when an IED blew up his Humvee. But little did he know that a split second decision he made prior to climbing in that Humvee would not only save his life, but dozens of fellow American soldiers. His valor earned him the nations 3rd highest combat honor, the Silver Star.

Episode 74 - From Car Detailer To Real Estate Mogul

Rob Thomson never went to school beyond the 8th grade and worked several jobs to help make ends meet. He started a car detailing business, and it was then that he realized that he was willing to outwork anyone to be successful. Today, Rob owns Waterfront Properties and Club Communities, the largest luxury real estate firm in South Florida along with several other ventures. A true ‘Rags-to-Riches’ story!

Episode 73 - Cody 'The Crippler' Crowley

Cody ‘The Crippler’ Crowley scored another big win on December 11, 2021 against top ranked title contender Kudratillo Abdukakhorov. We are excited to have Cody back on Truth Talks to talk about his big win and how his new holistic approach to training, nutrition and life are making him a champion outside the ring as well.

Episode 72 - One Step At A Time - Willie Myers

Willie Myers suffered a debilitating spinal cord injury while on assignment overseas. He was told he would be a quadriplegic for the rest of his life. But that did not stop him.

With the help of Mark ‘Oz’ Geist and the Shadow Warrior Project, Willie was able to get the intense physical therapy he needed and today he not only is walking one step at a time, but is now training to conquer a new mountain!

His new book, ‘Break Through’, documents the stories of global power authorities that will equip everyone to conquer the challenges of real life. 

Episode 71 - Jasmine Rice - Life's Recipe After Divorce

There are approximately 750,000 divorces in the United States each year. Chances are you either have been through a divorce or know someone who has and the effects can last for years or even lifetimes.

Jasmine Rice (yes that is her real name) is a renowned author and coach who knows firsthand how a divorce coupled with a job loss can leave you feeling alone and empty. But, instead of going down the path of self-pity and shame she decided to use her experience to help others.

Her book, ‘Create Your Own Life Recipe After Divorce’ tells her personal story of her own divorce and how jasmine rice became the main ingredient in her new recipe for life after divorce.

You can contact Jasmine at if you are interested in her coaching or to purchase your own copy of her book!

Episode 70 - Living with Spina Bifida

Billy Winneroski was born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus in 1972. At that time, spina bifida carried a very low survivability rate and children born with it most certainly had a lifetime of health issues and low quality of life. But Billy beat those odds and at nearly 50 years old, has lived a vibrant and productive life and today spends much of his time advocating and supporting families who are dealing with a spina bifida diagnosis.

Billy even had a chance to meet Roman Dinkel, who appeared on Truth Talks during our first season. Roman took the world by storm when a short video of him telling his dog that he could walk went viral. Today, Roman is a thriving kid who himself is overcoming the odds of living a life with spina bifida.

Episode 69 - Living Undeterred

Unfortunately, drug overdoses claimed the lives of more than 63,000 people in the United States in 2016. One of those lives was the son of our guest, Jeff Johnston. But Jeff’s tragic story doesn’t end there, as he lost his wife in the summer of 2021.

But rather than fall into depression and anger, he and his other two sons have turned their story into a fight to bring awareness to mental illness.

Jeff has a non-profit called Living Undeterred, and can be found at

Episode 68 - Wall Street to Main Street - Salvatore Buscemi

They say money is the root of all evil. And that money can’t buy happiness. But let’s be real, money is one of the biggest stresses in relationships and individuals, and without it, life can be anything but happy.

Salvatore Buscemi is a world-renowned personal wealth expert and appears frequently on CBS, ABC and in Forbes. He is also the author of several books, including his latest, ‘Legacy Investing: How the .001% Invest’.

He sits down with Dr Mitch to discuss how Middle America can achieve legacy wealth now, and why your network might equal your net worth.

Episode 67 - I Am A Comeback - Mark Jennison

Mark Jennison was living the perfect life, or so it seemed until that world came crashing down because of drugs and alcohol.

During the peak of his drug and alcohol abuse, his marriage crumbled, he lost his multi-million-dollar businesses and family and friends turned him away. But his rock bottom came when he nearly lost his son for good and contemplated suicide.

In that moment he realized that if he didn’t get help, he would die.

 Now six years sober, Mark Jennison’s story isn’t just another addiction success story, it is a ‘Comeback Story’. And he is using his story to help thousands like him find hope, and recovery of their own through his program, ‘IAMACOMEBACK’.

Episode 66 - REALM.MEN - Doug McGhee

On a hot Colorado summer day, Doug McGhee was staring at his luxury home and nice cars and thinking about all his successes in business. This was a moment most men would dream to be in, but for Doug it wasn’t a moment of pride or reflection on accomplishment… it was a feeling of emptiness and unfulfillment.  

These feelings led him down a road of infidelity, depression, and despair. As often is the case in a person’s darkest moments they find clarity and purpose, and that’s exactly what Doug did. He needed to heal old wounds and find a community of men who could support each other, emotionally, and spiritually.

Today, Doug is helping men who need support and are ready to make a lifestyle change through his REALM.MEN.

Episode 65 - Going For Gold - Senna Leith

Every kid dreams of standing on the podium of the Olympics after winning the gold medal. For Senna Leith that dream may just be within reach as he prepares for the 2022 Winter Games in Beijing, China as a member of the US Ski and Snowboard Team.

 Since he first started snowboarding at age 7, Senna has been competing and winning in the sport of Snowboard-Cross or Boardercross as it is more commonly known. A sport where motocross meets snowboarding.

But his strong character and competitive nature weren’t something that he developed on the slopes… they are part of his DNA. His parents are highly competitive, have strong work ethic and are successful in their own lives and those traits have been passed down. And while being a world-class athlete and Olympic hopeful are dreams come true, for Senna, it’s his devotion to family and friends that truly make him special.  

Follow Senna on his journey to the 2022 Winter Olympic Games on Instagram: @sennaleith

Episode 64 - Rivers Promise

Jimmy Lakey is a radio and TV personality, former candidate for US Congress and cigar lover.

While you can hear him on iHeart Radio in the mornings as he hosts ‘Mornings with Jimmy Lakey’ on KCOL 600, or catch him on his new TV series, ‘Frontier Tastes and Tales’, a Guy Fiery meets the History Channel show. But it is his humanitarian work that is his real story.

In 2008, Jimmy adopted his son River from a small village in Rwanda, Africa. Since that time, he has been working with the people of Rwanda to provide them with supplies and education through his foundation, Rivers Promise.

Learn more about Rivers Promise at

Episode 63 - Seven Summits

To summit a mountain is a great accomplishment. And for many, the physical summit metaphorically represents overcoming the mountains of life.

Anthony McClaren lost his father to Parkinson’s Disease, and for him, reaching the top of a mountain wasn’t enough to overcome the pain of that loss. As an experienced climber, he needed to do something few have done, he needed to conquer the Seven Summits. He needed to successfully climb the highest mountains on all seven continents. And he did just that in just over two years!

From Everest and Kilimanjaro to Denali and Aconcagua, he did what few others had done, he summited the highest mountains on every continent. And he did four of them completely unaccompanied.

Dr Mitch asks him which mountain was his hardest and his answer will amaze you. And here’s a hint, it’s not Everest.

His book, ‘Seven Summits for Dad’ is his personal story of how and why he took on this quest, and what it meant to complete it in memory of his dad and to raise awareness of Parkinson’s Disease.

Episode 62 - The Ragtag 10 - A Baseball Story

Youth sports play a pivotal role in young kids lives. The friendships and mentoring they receive last a lifetime. But there is something even more special when you are part of a championship team, one that defied the odds to win when other teams seemed destined to.

As a young 13-year-old baseball player, Dr Mitch found himself on a youth baseball team that would do just that. Known as the Ragtag 10, because they only had 10 players and no uniforms, they would defy the odds and beat some of Missouri’s best youth baseball teams.

But this story isn’t just about 10 ragtag 13 year olds, its about the life lessons their coach, Parris Watts would give them that truly makes this story special. That’s because, as a coach, Parris had never played a single inning of organized baseball. But he knew the game and more importantly, he knew how to bring out the best in a group of mis-fit kids to make them believe they could be champions.

Episode 61 - The Coach - Darrin Chiaverini

Darrin Chiaverini grew up in southern California where he was an All-Star high school athlete. As a receiver he led the state of California for receptions his senior year and was offered a scholarship from the University of Colorado.

Darrin became team captain at CU and led the team in receptions. He was awarded the inaugural Buffalo Heart Award in 1998 for his “Grit, Determination, and Toughness” on and off the field. His football dreams came in true during the 1999 NFL Draft when he was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the 5th round (148th overall).

During his 7 years in the NFL, Darrin played for the Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, and Atlanta Falcons. After leaving professional football, he started his college coaching career at Mt. San Antonio college as the offensive coordinator. After working his way through the junior college ranks, he eventually landed at the University of Colorado where he serves as the offensive coordinator.

But his greatest achievement came recently when his son, Curtis, joined him as an assistant coach at CU.

Episode 60 - Achieve Health - Dr. Scott Roethle

Dr Scott Roethle is an anesthesiologist with over 20 years in the medical field. He has been studying wellness, hormones and the effects of aging on the body and mind. During his 20 years of practice in several hospitals, from rural regional medical centers to some of the largest hospital systems in the world, he has experienced firsthand how traditional medicine is failing aging patients, especially those with chronic conditions.

When the pandemic hit, Dr Roethle volunteered to deploy to New York where the virus was hitting especially hard. What he experienced was indescribable. This experience reaffirmed to him the importance we must start placing on overall wellness and brain health to prevent the spread of disease and illness, and how our medical system is failing patients.

Today, he runs Achieve Vitality and Health, a program that helps people of all ages do just that through dietary, physical, hormonal and mental health.

Episode 59 - I Shouldn't Be Here - Satori Mateu's Story

Satori Mateu has coached and mentored people from Olympic Champions and other professional athletes to CEOs of some of the biggest brands in the world. And his book, ‘Unshakeable Wealth’ is a #1 Seller on Amazon.

But Satori’s story is not all about success. In fact, Satori shouldn’t even be here. His mother got pregnant with him as a teenager and was set to have an abortion when fate stepped in and stopped her. Then, later in life, Satori faced a demon internally that nearly convinced him to take his own life. It was in that moment that he found his purpose and reason for living… to coach others to success.

It is often times in our darkest moments, that faith and God reveal their true plan for us, and it was certainly the case in Satori’s story.

You can listen in to Satori on his new podcast ‘Halfass to Badass’ or visit his website to learn more about him and order a copy of his book:

Episode 58 - Jairek Robbins

Jairek Robbins is not just a decorated performance coach and motivational speaker, Congressional Gold Medal Award recipient, best-selling author, or founder of Performance Coach University, he is a humanitarian.

His philosophy is simple – LEARN IT, LIVE IT, GIVE IT. “Learn what it takes to be successful. Live it in your own life. Then, give to others to help them do the same.” Now, this might sound like a catchy motivational coach saying, but the difference is, Jairek lives this philosophy every day in his own life.

Listen in as he and Dr Mitch discuss everything from the lessons his parents and grandparents instilled in him at an early age, and nearly dying from malaria while on a humanitarian mission in Uganda, to becoming one of the biggest names in personal coaching and speaking.

Episode 57 - The Observer

Dr Mitch has been documenting real life stories for decades and there is one person who has helped him record these amazing stories.

Jackie Gallo is a certified stenographer and has sat in as people have told their stories of struggle, sacrifice and success to Dr Mitch.

This week, she sits down with Dr Mitch to discuss the power that these stories have had on them and how one in particular helped her get through her own hard times.

Episode 56 - Superstar - Simone Denny

Simone Denny has had the music career most people could only dream about. A multi award-winning singer/songwriter who has performed in front of sold-out arenas. But her rise to the top was anything but easy.

During her Tedx Talk, she discussed the power of the word ‘No’. She was told NO by everyone for different reasons. But her tenacity and passion for music pushed her forward and she began to be noticed by Canadian music lovers and radio. Eventually she became a key member of the group, Love Inc. and their song ‘You’re a Superstar’ pushed her into the international spotlight.

We are honored to have Simone join us from her home in Toronto, as she tells Dr. Mitch her inspirational story about how she reached the pinnacle of a dream to be a Superstar. Simone’s music can be found on Spotify, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram!

Episode 55 - The Publisher - Andrea Albright

Books have been used to document everything from history to some of our greatest fictional stories. Even though we are seeing more and more aspects of life turn to the digital world, books remain an important fact of life.

When Andrea Albright set out to publish her first book, she found that the ‘old school’ way of publishing a book was tough at best for new, unknown authors. Rather than give up on her dreams of publishing a book, she decided to shake up the publishing world by opening her own publishing company, Beverly Hills Publishing!

Andrea and her team at Beverly Hills Publishing have helped thousands of authors make their dreams come true, including publishing Dr. Mitch’s own series which are the basis for Truth Talks!

If you would like more information on Beverly Hills Publishing and how you may be able to get your story published, please visit them at

Episode 54 - Diana Wentworth

We’ve all heard of ‘The Most Interesting Man in the World’, well Diana Wentworth might just be ‘The Most Interesting Woman in the World’!

From dating Elvis to co-authoring part of the ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ book series along with her own New York Times Best Sellers, Diana has done it all!

This week she sits down with Dr. Mitch to tell her story and the wisdom she now passes on to those who are willing to listen.

Episode 53 - The Fire Marshall - The Eliot Marshall Story

Eliot ‘Fire’ Marshall is a former MMA and UFC Light Heavyweight fighter with a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Marshall posted a 10-4 professional career record, but it wasn’t his opponents in the octagon that were his hardest fights, it was a demon living inside of him that would prove to be the hardest.

For years Eliot suffered from severe anxiety, and it wasn’t until a fight during UFC 128 that he would come to realize how powerful anxiety can be.

Marshall retired from the UFC and professional MMA fighting following a controversial loss in UFC 137. Today, he owns an operates the Easton Training Centers in Colorado where he teaches men and women of all ages and skills the art of Brazilian Jui-Jitsu along with hosting his own popular podcast. His new book, ‘Gospel of Fire’ can be found on Amazon or on his website: 

Episode 52 - Joe Tabbanella

Joe Tabbanella is one of the funniest and most entertaining guests we have ever had on Truth Talks, and this week, Joe is back!

Dr Mitch sits down with hypnotherapist; Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) expert; and all-around funny guy Joe Tabbanella to dive further into how he is using his touted Tabb Technique to help heal those suffering from trauma, anxiety, depression, and other mental and emotional issues.

 This episode is fun, informative and a must watch!

For more information on Joe Tabbanella and the Tabb Technique, please visit his website:

Episode 51 - Just Start - David Rogers Tour de France Ride

The Tour de France has long been considered the most elite and prestigious cycling event in the world. The course is a grueling 2,300 mile (3,500 km) race that spans over 23 days. The race is tough even for elite riders and nearly impossible for amateur cyclists.

In 2009, David Rogers had a dream of completing the full Tour course as an amateur cyclist. As David and his small team prepared for their epic adventure, David soon realized that this wasn’t just about completing the full Tour de France course, it was about something much bigger and more personal.

David’s ride was anything but smooth as he battled injuries, inclement weather and equipment issues and it would be one day in particular, on one of the last stages that David would fully realize why he was doing this.  Tired, hurting and cold, David got on his bike for the most challenging stage of the course with a new mindset, failure didn’t come from not finishing, it came from not starting in the first place.

He would forever have a new motto for life, “Just Start”

Episode 50 - Autism Speaks - Eric Day's Story

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affects over 62 million people globally and that number could actually be much higher as more and more science and awareness campaigns are launched. On our second episode, we had featured Mindy Harlan (wife of host Dr Mitch) to discuss her firsthand account of raising a child, her son Eric, who has ASD.

Eric is now a 20-year-old man, and a world-class percussionist with the famed Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble. He shares with us what it was like growing up with ASD and the challenges he faced. But more importantly, he shares how ASD went from a disorder in his life to an incredible ability!

For more information on Autism Spectrum Disorder please visit:

Episode 49 - Let's Talk About Sex Baby - with Eva Clay

Since the dawn of time, sex has been at the center of humankind. Sex has been celebrated in art and culture and it has been oppressed and vilified in faith. But one thing never seems to change, and that is the desire that humans have for pleasure and intimacy.

Eva Clay is a renowned sexologist and psychotherapist with extensive training and experience in sex and relationships. Some might even say she is a modern day ‘Dr Ruth’.

She joins Dr Mitch this week to talk all about the good, the bad and the naughty sides of sex and the role it plays in today’s culture.

Learn more about Eva Clay and how she is helping couples find true intimacy:

Episode 48 - The Friedman Force

Lt Col Damon Friedman is a decorated special forces combat veteran who served multiple tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. He has been awarded three Bronze Stars (including one with Valor) along with the Spirit of Hope Award for his work with veterans. But his story of fight and survival began long before he ever stepped foot onto the battlefield.

Growing up on the streets of Los Angeles, Damon and his twin brother Ray, were raised by a single mother who worked tirelessly to give her boys every opportunity to be successful in life. Unfortunately, that meant constantly running away from their abusive father. Damon and Ray turned to crime to survive and one day, found themselves sitting in a juvenile detention facility. It was here that Damon heard a voice that would change the trajectory of his life for good.

After successfully completing college, Damon enlisted in the Marine Corps and would eventually become an officer in the United States Air Force as a Combat Controller. It was during a fateful mission to the Korengal Valley in Afghanistan that that voice would come back, and Damon’s path would become clear. He was not just a combat soldier; he was a warrior of God.

Today, Dr Damon Friedman is the founder of the SOF Mission, and serves to help millions of veterans suffering from PTSD and other mental health issues find their path to health and faith.

Learn more about SOF Missions at:

Episode 47 - Tokyo Joe's - The Larry Leith Story

When Larry Leith decided to open a new restaurant, he had no knowledge of the restaurant business or even being a chef. He also had no idea that his idea would spawn an entirely new type of dinning experience, ‘fast-casual’.

Larry’s vision was to open a Japanese inspired dining experience that was healthy, and with a fun atmosphere that was somewhere between casual dining and fast food. Nothing like it existed, and everyone thought he was crazy.

After opening his first Tokyo Joe’s in 1996, Larry now has 30 locations. But Larry’s story doesn’t just stop there. Maybe more impressive is the culture that Larry has developed within Tokyo Joe’s that truly sets him apart. Just walk into any Joe’s and immediately you will see that Larry’s team is not what you might expect.

He breaks down the stigmas and barriers that other restaurants might have by hiring team members with tattoo’s, piercings and multi-colored hair. Larry believes that it is less about how his team looks and all about their passion to provide their guests with a positive experience. This is Larry’s story.

Episode 46 - #BoulderStrong

On March 22, 2021, Boulder Colorado was brought to it’s knees when news broke about a shooting that had occurred inside of a grocery store. Law enforcement officers from all over responded to the scene where 10 people lost their lives.

This story hit close to home for our Truth Talks team as Producer Chad personally knows many of the officers who responded that day. As a veteran and former law enforcement officer himself, he brings some insight into what some of those who were there that day may be going through now in terms of mental health and the struggles they will face going forward.

We encourage anyone, especially our first responder friends, to to someone… a supervisor, a commander, a chaplain, a friend, or a professional if they feel that they need a little help overcoming this tragedy. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness but rather, a sign of strength so that you can continue to help and serve those around you.

God Bless

 If you need help, please reach out: National Crisis Center: 1-800-273-8255

Veterans Crisis Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Episode 45 - The Treasure - The Iain Rowe Story

On Saturday June 6, 2020, Stephen Rowe told his son Iain, “I Love You” as he left to go to his moms for the weekend. That night, his phone rang and the voice on the other end delivered the news no parent wants to hear, “your son is missing”.

Lake Michigan can be an incredibly violent and deadly body of water, and that night was no exception. As Stephen arrived at Holland State Park he was met by members of the Search and Rescue team, Police, and family and friends. But all he could see was the violence and evil of the white caps on Lake Michigan that night as he prayed that God help find his son.

Unfortunately, rescue crews would find Iain’s body the following day and a criminal investigation ensued against Iain’s mother. Stephen now faced one of the toughest decisions of his life, spiral down a dark path of anger, guilt and sadness, or seek out the treasures that the Lord blesses us with every day. For Stephen, the choice was simple, faith in God and the path he is on so that he can join Iain again one day. Iain was one of the treasures God blessed him with, and his story, while tragic is a love story.

To learn more about Iain’s story:

Episode 44 - Virus vs Host - With Dr. Richard Harris

Dr. Richard Harris is a Medical Doctor, Pharmacist, and Metabolic Health Expert. He is also the host of the ‘Strive for Great Health Podcast’.

Without doubt, the current pandemic has changed our culture and the world. Everything we do has been impacted and even modern medicine as we know it has changed. And as the world prepares for the widespread distribution of vaccines against COVID-19 signaling a possible return to ‘normal’, there is one element that is not being discussed and that is the virus host… YOU!

Metabolic health and mental health play key roles in how susceptible we are to viruses such as COVID and more importantly how our bodies defend against them. Dr. Harris and Dr. Mitch discuss the importance of good metabolic health along with Dr. Harris’s theory on the potential long-term effects the coronavirus may have on the human body.

You can listen in to Dr. Harris on the ‘Strive for Great Podcast’ wherever you get your podcasts!

Episode 43 - Sweet Home Alabama

Monica Manley grew up in rural Alabama, and from an early age learned the importance of hard work and independence. But she also had an adventurous side, and immediately after graduating high school started traveling the world, ending up in Paris, France where she would find inspiration for her next adventure.

On the flight home, she wrote out her business plan. As soon as the plane touched down, she went to work building her dream of starting a vegan, flower inspired bakery. A chance encounter at a friendsgiving would forever change her life though. She took some samples for her friends to try and unbeknownst to her, one of the people there was a producer for the Oscar’s Awards Show. He invited her to be an official supplier for the upcoming Oscar’s! Sweet Fleur was launched.

Since then, her idea has become her life and passion. On top of that, she recently launched a new online network called Bloom TV, which is dedicated to all thing’s flowers. Oh, and did we mention she is only 27 years old!

Episode 42 - The Razors Edge - Dr Dan Possley

Growing up, Dan Possley did not dream of being a doctor or a renowned Orthopedic Spine Surgeon, he dreamed of riding in the Tour de France. He even moved to Belgium for three years to train. But the reality was he wasn’t going to be a Tour de France competitor, so he moved back to Chicago to attend grad school but there was one problem, his grades. After convincing the school to give him a shot, he held good on his promise and completed his degree at the top of his class and quickly found work with a cardiologist. But this is where Dr. Dan’s story takes a turn that would forever change his life. Following the 9/11 attacks, he felt a calling to serve and joined the United States Army as an Orthopedic Surgeon. Soon after, he was deployed to the Helmand Province in Afghanistan where his skills were put to the test saving the lives of U.S. soldiers injured in combat. Today, Dr Dan Possley is a renowned Orthopedic Spine Surgeon practicing with Cornerstone Orthopedics in the Denver, Colorado area. He is ranked as one of the top Orthopedic Spine Surgeons in the state and brings a different perspective to medicine, a blue collar background who can relate to his patients.

Episode 41 - The Longshot

Randy ‘Longshot’ Clark proudly served his country as a Crew Chief in the U.S. Marine Corps including multiple tours overseas. But no military training could prepare him for the war he would find himself fighting after his military service. Drugs and alcohol took over his life, and he soon found himself unemployed, homeless and depressed. His chances of turning his life around were a longshot.

After hitting his own rock bottom, Randy reached out to a friend who ran an addiction clinic. Much to his surprise, this friend found faith in Randy this time. What Randy discovered was that you never beat addiction, you simply put it in remission. But in order to do that, Randy first had to address the causes of his pain and illness. He found faith and a purpose in a higher power, and with that strength he found sobriety.

Today, Randy is helping others find their purpose and strength through his Longshot Recovery program. He is also an executive at The Source Treatment Center in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. If you or someone you know needs help with an addiction, please contact them at: 1-800-204-0418 or at

Episode 40 - Tackling Life -Keith Mitchell 59

Growing up in Garland, Texas, Keith Mitchell idolized the Dallas Cowboys and dreamed of playing in the NFL. Keith had an outstanding career at Texas A&M as part of their star-studded defense known as “The Wrecking Crew”. As one the NCAA leaders for quarterback sacks and tackles, his dreams of playing in the NFL were becoming real.

As the 1997 NFL Draft approached, Keith was sure he would be selected, but as the rounds passed his name was never called. After the draft though, his luck changed as newly hired New Orleans Saints coach, Mike Ditka called him and offered him to come play in New Orleans.

He went on to have an All-Pro career until September 2003 when he suffered a career ending back injury against the Buffalo Bills. It was during his recovery that he discovered the healing power of meditation and breathing techniques. After making a full recovery, he turned his attention to his true purpose, teaching people how to find health and healing through the mindfulness.

He is the founder of The Light It Up Foundation and recently released his first book, ‘The Mindfulness Playbook’ (available soon on Amazon).

Episode 39 - Under the Desk - Isaiah Chavous

Isaiah Chavous is the current Student President at the University of Colorado. But how he got there is a true story of inspiration, determination and perseverance. Isaiah was raised by his single mother. While she was working to complete her degree at the University of Colorado, she would hide a young Isaiah under her desk during class. It was here that Isaiah learned the value of education, and more importantly, if you are determined to complete something, the only thing that holds you back are the excuses you make for yourself.

He was voted in as President in early 2020, and since being sworn in has had to tackle some of the toughest issues our society has ever faced. Like a true leader, he has risen to the occasion to meet these challenges head on. While the ongoing pandemic and equality movement have been front and center, Isaiah and the rest of the Student Government have also been working with local and state leaders to build relationships and programs centered around Law Enforcement reform, community support, and managing a $25 million dollar budget for student services.

At just 21 years old, Isaiah has demonstrated the kind of leadership, compassion, and service to community that we expect leaders much older than him to show. He gives us all hope that the next generation of leaders can in fact lead us into greatness.

Episode 38 - Get Off The Curb - Lauren Danielle

Behind every success story is a deeper story of struggle, sacrifice, and perseverance. For Lauren Danielle, that story started in High School. Struggling with drugs and alcohol and failing grades, she found herself sitting alone on the curb in front of her family home one cold Christmas Eve after her stepfather kicked her out.

Determined, she focused on school and work and was soon in college. This is where you might think she found that ‘ah-ha’ moment, but that wouldn’t come until years later. Unfortunately, this drive and determination pushed her into working 80 plus hours a week and amassing nearly a hundred thousand dollars in debt from student loans and unpaid taxes.

In 2013, after leaving a failed relationship and receiving news of her father’s diagnosis with Parkinson’s, Lauren once again found herself sitting broken and alone. But this time instead of a street curb, it was inside her empty apartment. You could say this was her ‘ah-ha’ moment.

It was there that she realized her true purpose and from then on, Lauren has put herself on a path to success. But now, its not just about her own success, Lauren’s purpose is the help elevate those around her to find their own successes.

Lauren is now the acclaimed author of two books, ‘Why Can’t is a Four-Letter Word’, and her newest release, ‘Get off the Curb’ along with running a million-dollar business.

Episode 37 - The Servant Leader

“How may I serve you today?” is one of the most powerful questions a leader can ask of those who follow them. The unfortunate reality is that few ask this, but why don’t they? Isn’t the greatest privilege of being a leader, not how much money you make or your title, but the power to serve and elevate those around you? This is what Servant Leadership is all about.

Greg Aden of Aden Leadership has been coaching the idea of Servant Leadership for decades and has seen how powerful it can be when applied to your whole life. In this episode, Greg sits down with Dr. Mitch to explain what Servant Leadership means to him and how a mountain in Argentina was his ‘Ah ha!’ moment in discovering that great leadership is a choice and a privilege.

Greg also discusses THE LEADERSHIP Development Day on February 4, 2021, where 16 powerful men and women will share their stories of leadership, communication, and relationships.

Be sure to use PROMO CODE: LDDTruthTalks to receive 50% OFF your registration!

Register for this powerful event at:

#ServantLeadership #Leadership #LEADERSHIPDevelopmentDay2021

Episode 36 - The Hypnotist - Joe Tabbanella

Joe Tabbanella grew up on the tough streets of Brooklynn, New York. While working as a bartender, Joe needed money to “pay off this guy”, but also dreamed of being an actor. Broke and depressed, Joe began opening his mind and heart to the idea of the ‘Law of Attraction’ and that you can control your state of being no matter what is going on around you.

Sound crazy? Well, maybe not when you consider that on one fateful day, Joe decided to take a walk in Brooklynn and found himself at a convenience store where a stranger told him to play a specific set of numbers in the lottery.  Despite only ever playing the same numbers, Joe bought a ticket with those numbers and won! He then began imagining himself being an actor and within three months landed a role in a night-time television show.

Subscribing to this idea that the mind and the universe are connected through energy, he began studying hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Today, Joe is a renowned Hypnotherapist and NLP Master in California.

Episode 35 - The Face of Addiction

When you picture the face of a drug addict, a Doctor in a lab coat or a clean-cut Crisis Counselor are probably not the first images that pop up in your mind. Unfortunately, the sobering reality is that addiction can strike anyone. Brian Wall is a certified and respected Addiction and Mental Health Specialist, but you could say his greatest education in addiction and crisis intervention did not come from a classroom, it came from the streets of life. In this episode, Dr. Mitch sits down with Brian and discusses how he once worked in a Crisis Center helping others battling addictions and mental health but at the same time was an addict himself. And it was not until he hit his ‘rock bottom’ that he was able to turn his life around, find the path the Lord intended for him, and started healing himself. Today, Brian is a renowned Addiction and Mental Health Specialist and has helped thousands find sobriety. Follow Brian on LinkedIn and be sure to use #BeRealWithBrian! If you or someone you know has an addiction and needs help, please contact a local specialist or call the National SAMHSA Helpline at 1-800-662-4357

Episode 34 - Focus - Dr. Tim Young


Dr. Tim Young has become one of the most renowned and successful Chiropractors in the world. But his story started out with very humble beginnings in the hills of Missouri. Growing up, Tim was forced to learn how to ‘plant his foot’ to fight and survive as his parents often worked 16-hour days as meat packers just to keep food on the table and a roof over their head. As one of the smallest kids in his class, Tim had a desire to change and show those who told him he could not, that he could. He started lifting weights and putting on muscle and dreaming of becoming a champion bodybuilder. But it was a cold rainy day that would test Tim’s spirit and change his path forever.

At the age of 18, a near fatal car accident left him with a fractured spine and debilitating injuries and tested his fighting spirit. He was told by surgeons that his weightlifting days were over. Determined to prove them wrong, just like he had everyone else who told him he could not do something, he got back into the gym. And just six months later he won the Mr. Teenage Missouri Bodybuilding Championship and eventually went on to win Mr. Oklahoma. But there was another force calling him.

After a short stint in the US Navy, Tim found that calling in Chiropractic and enrolled into the renowned Cleveland Chiropractic School in Kansas City, Missouri. Eventually, Tim and his new wife moved to Oklahoma City and with no money but a big dream, they opened Young Chiropractic. They now operate four clinics across Oklahoma City and Tim later founded the Focus Foundations Chiropractic Development Company where he coaches other Chiropractors how to successfully manage and grow their practices.


Episode 33 - Capt. Coffee

Captain Gerald ‘Jerry’ Coffee (US Navy Retired) is a true American hero and important part of history. He was a Navy Fighter Pilot during Vietnam, and it was his 7 years as a POW in one of the most famous North Vietnamese prisons (Hanoi Hilton) that he is most famous for. But what few know, is that Capt. Coffee was the pilot who was flying and recording video over Cuba when Russian ballistic missiles, capable of reaching the United States and Canada, were discovered in 1962. These images and video were presented to President John F. Kennedy as proof that the Russians were staging ICBM’s in Cuba as a threat to the United States.

But it is what happened on February 3, 1966 that would make Capt. Coffee a hero. After taking off from the US Navy carrier, the USS Kittyhawk in the Gulf of Tonkin, his RA-5C Vigilante plane was shot down. He, along with his co-pilot, Lt. Robert Hanson were immediately captured by the North Vietnamese and taken to Hanoi. Capt. Coffee found himself a prisoner of war for 7 years in what is considered one of the most dangerous and deadly prisons in the world. During his time in captivity, Capt. Coffee developed a communication system known as tap-code where he and the other prisoners could communicate using a series of taps on their cell walls. Every night, Jerry would tap the letters ‘G.B.’ (God Bless) or ‘G.B.A’ (God Bless America) for all the other prisoners to hear.

Capt. Coffee was released on February 12, 1973 (7 years and 9 days after his capture). He was awarded numerous medals, including the distinguished Purple Heart (he actually received two Purple Hearts) for his service. He also authored a book, ‘Beyond Survival’ in which he documents his time in captivity. We believe his story and this book are the answers to helping the world heal today. Jerry is now 86 and has battled many health issues from his time as a POW, and we are honored to have him and his wife Susan tell his incredible story!

Episode 32 - What's Your Everest - With Gary Scott

Gary P. Scott may be one of the ‘Most Interesting Men in the World’. He was born in Australia, where his love for the outdoors and adventure began. His father was an Australian Diplomat and his duties took him and his family all around the world. But it was while on a trip to Canada that Gary first saw and fell in love with the mountains and knew his life’s passion was to be an adventurist. Gary has become a world-renowned climber setting single day ascent records on Mt. McKinley and Denali and eventually climbed Mt. Everest twice. His adventures ultimately took him to the Dolomites, where he fell in love with the mountains, and culture of Northern Italy. His company, Right Path Adventures helps people of all ages and skills experience the Dolomites in ways they could only dream through Gary’s expert guidance. Gary is also the author of the best-seller, ‘Summit Strategies – Secrets to Mastering the Everest in Your Life’ which is available through Amazon.

Episode 31 - The NEW Face of ALS - Justin Carpenter's Story

On December 2, 2019 Justin Carpenter and his wife Jamie left their vacation in Florida to fly to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. The reason was as cold as that Minnesota winter, to confirm that Justin had early on-set ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease as it is more commonly known. But for Justin, his ALS diagnosis would not define him and his life, instead, it marked the start of a new purpose for him. That purpose… to help others understand and follow the belief that spiritually we are all immortal. And with faith, we will all have eternal life no matter what happens to us physically.

Justin is the Assistant Principal and Athletic Director at Erie High School in Colorado. His love, compassion, and empathy towards his students, athletes and fellow educators is unmatched. He exemplifies what means to lead others by being a servant leader and putting their needs first. His fight with ALS will not be an easy one, but he is a fighter and competitor by nature, and he is committed to doing everything he can to beat this.

Episode 30 - Antoinette Peragine

Antoinette Peragine grew up in a very traditional Italian family in Brooklyn, NY. Always the entertainer of the family, she dreamed of a career in showbiz. That dream became a reality after a trip to California with her sister. As she says, she knew she was home the second the plane landed. Antoinette quickly found success in Hollywood as a co-star in films and television. But her true passion has always been in making people laugh. She knew her life had changed when she found herself onstage at the Improv on night. From that moment on, stand-up comedy is what she did, eventually landing her picture on the famous ‘Wall of Fame’ at the Improv alongside the greats like Sinbad, Robin Williams, and Seinfeld to name a few.

Like so many of us, Antoinette has had to adapt during the global pandemic. But she sees this time as almost a Renaissance of sorts for the entertainment industry as actors/actresses, comedians, and musicians must learn new ways to connect with their audiences. Check out her hit online show, ‘Antoinette and Friends’, who knows who might pop in as a guest!

Episode 29 - What the Puck - With Jaccob Slavin

Every young athlete dreams of becoming an All-Star professional athlete. For NHL Carolina Hurricanes All-Star Defenseman Jaccob Slavin, that dream became a reality. You could say that hockey runs deep in the Slavin household. But growing up in small-town Erie, Colorado, Jaccob’s path to the NHL was not an easy one. And when the Carolina Hurricanes drafted him the 4th round of the 2012 NHL Draft, it was a surprise to say the least. Carolina was not one of the teams that Jaccob had spoken to prior to the draft, but as the saying goes, sometimes the Lord works in mysterious ways.

Jaccob along with his new wife Kylie, moved to North Carolina in 2015, and quickly learned that his being drafted by the Hurricanes was no accident. Their strong Christian faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ had put them on a path together, and during the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs, that path became truly clear when they adopted their first child, daughter Emersyn. Together, they are harnessing their strong faith, and his All-Star platform to bring awareness to the social injustices and inequalities that are still prevalent in our society today and they are breaking down barriers.

Episode 28 - Stinkin Good - With David Bloom

What does a lawnmower, a former NFL Super Bowl Champion and an old family recipe have in common? The start of a Green Chili empire! David Bloom first met former Denver Bronco and 3-time Super Bowl Champion, Mark Schlereth while mowing his lawn. David would bring Mark some of his homemade green chili whenever he was mowing his yard. Mark fell in love with it, and David’s dream of taking his green chili to market became a reality when they partnered up to form ‘Stinkin Good Green Chili’. David’s hard work paid off and Stinkin Good has become one of Colorado’s biggest names in green chili.

But what David did not see was that while he was busy building a chili empire with Mark, it was coming at a cost… his family. This is David’s inspirational story about how success in business can often over power your success as a husband and a father.

Episode 27 - The Other Side - With Deb Sheppard

Deb Sheppard is a renowned psychic medium, author, and speaker. Deb has connected thousands with lost loved ones and has even worked with law enforcement to help solve cold case crimes! She is considered to be one of the best psychic mediums today and has appeared on numerous television and radio programs. Her book, ‘Grieving to Healing’ chronicles her journey in becoming a medium and how she was able to bring closure to her own life after the tragic loss of loved ones.  

Deb recently launched a new podcast as well, ‘Spirited Straight Talk’ which can be heard on Apple iTunes. 

Episode 26 - Warrior of God - An Interview with Chad Williams Part 2

In our first interview with former Navy SEAL Chad Williams, we got a chance to listen to Chad’s amazing story about how he became a SEAL, and how faith became his real purpose. In this episode, Chad opens up about SEAL training and how he mentally overcame the physical demands to eventually earn his Trident. He also discusses his first mission to the Philippines and how paradise quickly became the harsh reality of war and evil. Please check out Chad Williams Best-Selling book, ‘SEAL of God’ to learn more about his inspirational story! 

Episode 25 - Warrior of God - An Interview with Chad Williams

Chad Williams is a former U.S. Navy SEAL, and author of the Best-Selling book: ‘SEAL of God’. After dropping out of junior college, Chad set his sights on joining the military’s most elite, the Nave SEAL’s. While training for his upcoming enlistment, Chad trained with former SEAL and legend, Scott Helvenston. Unfortunately, just days before reporting to basic training, Chad learned of Scott’s death while in Fallujah, Iraq. As Chad says, “Revenge is a fuel, it’s not a good fuel, but it is a fuel”.

Determined to avenge Scott’s murder, he completed SEAL training and soon found himself fighting in the same streets of Fallujah where his mentor had been brutally killed.

But along the way, Chad also discovered a demon that was hiding inside of himself, one that if he did not change, would ultimately lead to his own self-destruction. So, on March 14, 2007 Chad found his real purpose… to not just be a Navy SEAL, be to be a SEAL of God. To be a warrior for Christ.

Episode 24 - The Magician

Magic and illusion have captivated people for centuries. From Houdini to Penn and Teller, audiences around the world have been entertained by tricks and impossible feats. This week, we are joined by special guest, Shawn Preston, a renowned magician known for his close-up magic tricks and mentalism. Shawn discusses how he got into magic, the tight-knit world of magicians, and how being a magician can be a successful career.

Episode 23 - The Agent: 9/11 Conspirator or Hero?

Becoming an FBI agent is the dream job for many young law enforcement officers. For Marine Corps veteran Jeff Royer, that dream became a reality. After joining the Bureau, Jeff was assigned to the White-Collar Crime Division investigating securities fraud cases. It was here that he was introduced to Amr Ibrahim ‘Tony’ Elgindy. Elgindy became an informant for Agent Royer helping him identify dozens of companies and criminals who were scamming people out of investments and millions of dollars.

On the afternoon of September 11, 2001, Elgindy contacted Agent Royer and asked if he had seen the massive stock market short sales at the close of the markets on September 10, 2001. Ironically, these massive short sales involved two specific industries; commercial airlines and New York City real estate. After looking into it, Royer and Elgindy determined that the only way these short sales would have occurred is if someone had prior knowledge of the attacks, and if they found out whose accounts these were they may uncover who financed the 9/11 attacks.

They thought they were heroes, but little did they know that the government was about to turn the tables on them. Instead of heroes, the FBI and the federal government now considered them conspirators in the attacks. After lengthy trials, the two were ultimately convicted and sentenced to federal prison. But were they truly criminals, or had they stumbled upon something the government did not want known, the financiers of 9/11. Listen in to former FBI Agent Jeff Royer’s story and decide for yourself.

Episode 22 - Fit Together

Tia and Jari Boehmer decided it was time to get into shape physically after watching our episode ‘Faithfully Fit’ with Micah and Diana LaCerte. They decided to join the HitchFit program together. But little did they know, they wouldn’t just lose weight, but HitchFit change their lives for the better.

If you are ready to transform yourself, contact the #1 online fitness program HitchFit. Be sure to use promo code Truth50 to receive $50 off your enrollment!

Episode 21 - Gangs and God

This is the powerful story of Efrain. He grew up in Oxnard, CA and by the age of 14 was involved with one of the most powerful and notorious gangs in California. Unfortunately, drugs also became a part of his life and he soon found himself serving 8 years in prison for 1st Degree Burglary. It was in prison though that he found his true purpose and God. Vowing to not fall into the stereotypical statistics of most former prisoners, he pursued his purpose and faith and has completely changed his life. Here is his story.

Episode 20 - Josh Blue - Himself

Josh Blue skyrocketed to the top after winning NBC’s ‘Last Comic Standing’ in 2006. Since then he has appeared on ‘The Tonight Show’ and toured with some of comedies biggest names including Ron White. Josh recently stopped by the Truth Talks studio and sat down with Dr. Mitch for a funny and candid interview about his life and career and how the pandemic has affected comedy and why he loves playing his hometown club, Comedy Works Denver.

WARNING: This episode contains adult language, viewer discretion is advised.

Episode 19 - The Fall

Every mountain climber’s worst fear is falling off a mountain. In July 2015, experienced climbers Jennifer Staufer and her climbing partner Adam Vonnahme set out to summit one of Colorado’s renowned and more difficult 14’ers, Crestone Peak. Shortly after reaching the summit, Adam watched in horror as Jennifer slipped on the frozen snow and slid down a deep gully to certain death. Listen as they tell their incredible story of survival and the additional climber that joined them for the first time that fateful day.

We would also like to thank the brave men and women of the following organizations who risk their lives to rescue those in need in Colorado’s High Country, and without them this story most likely would’ve had a much more tragic ending.

Custer County Search and Rescue

Saguache County Search and Rescue

Western Mountain Rescue Team

Colorado National Guard HAATS

Episode 18 - Trafficked, Ashley's Story

Everyday, people of all ages find themselves unknowingly forced into human trafficking. This is done through coercion, force and even violence. Human trafficking has many faces, from the horrific one of people being held slaves in un-imaginable conditions to the high-end sex industry in Las Vegas. The one thing they have in common though is that these people are all being used as slaves for profit. This week, we get an exclusive, and first-hand account from ‘Ashley’ who found herself as a sex trafficking victim in Las Vegas. We sincerely hope that this episode can save the life of just one person from this horrific and unthinkable organized crime operation.

For more information on Human Trafficking, please visit one of these resources:

A21 Organization

The Children’s Rescue Organization

Episode 17 - We're The Romito's

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is a rare genetic disorder that affects less than 1 in 3,500 males born worldwide each year. 90% of boys with DMD will be in a wheelchair by the age of 15, and few will live beyond their 20’s. The Romito family first found out about DMD when their son Dominic was diagnosed at age 4. Little did they know that this would not be their only experience with DMD though. They had two more sons, Collin and Kaleb after Dominic. With worldwide odds being 1 in 3,500 certainly their next two boys would be fine right? Tune in as Richard Romito tells the inspirational and emotional story of how their family changed the day they discovered that three of their four boys had this rare disorder, and how faith has led them to a path of acceptance, compassion, and advocacy for other families.

Learn more about the Romito Foundation 

Episode 16 - Chris Watts - Eyes Of A Monster

In this exclusive Truth Talks interview, Dr. Mitch Harlan talks to the last people we believe saw Bella and Celeste Watts alive just hours before they were murdered by their father, Christopher Watts on August 13, 2018. In the early evening hours of August 12, 2018, Chris had brought the girls to their friends, the Lindstrom family, for a birthday party. And, just the night before, the Lindstrom’s teenage daughter had babysat the girls as Chris spent the evening with his mistress. They describe in chilling detail, how they have the last pictures taken of them together, and the monster that was hiding in the eyes of Chris Watts.

Episode 15 - The Ref

Being a professional sports official is not just fouls, strikes and balls. This week we sit down with 3rd generation professional basketball and baseball referee, Tim Resch in our Las Vegas studio. In this interview, Tim discusses how growing up with a dad and grandpa who were professional officials inspired him and brother Mark to follow. He shares some fun stories from some memorable games and plays, the affect COVID is having on sports, and even talks about how officiating can be a lucrative career.

Episode 14 - The Professor of Rock

Adam Reader (The Professor of Rock) has interviewed over 500 of musics biggest legends. From Kenny Loggins, and Crosby Stills and Nash, to John Ondrasik. Adam sits down for a candid interview on how he became the ‘Professor of Rock’, the one musician he really wants to interview, and that one artist who, ‘sent the elevator down’ for him.

Check out all of The Professor of Rocks interviews!

Episode 13 - The Fight - A Breast Cancer Survivors Story

The unfortunate reality is that 1 in 8 (12%) women in the U.S will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. But what happens once you are diagnosed with breast cancer? In June of 2019, Jill McPherson went in for a routine mammogram, but the results would be anything but routine. Listen in as she bravely tells Dr. Mitch Harlan her own personal story about battling breast cancer.

Click here for more information on breast cancer

Episode 12 - The Crippler

Las Vegas is known as the entertainment and fighting capital of the world. For a young kid from Peterborough, Ontario it is also the place where he can chase his dreams of being a world champion boxer. Super Welterweight boxer Cody ‘The Crippler’ Crowley joins Dr. Jon Petrick in our Las Vegas studio for a candid interview about how his life changed when he came to Sin City. From near homelessness to working with Dana White and the UFC, to training with Floyd Mayweather, Cody found his dream of being a world champion boxer, but more importantly, a world champion person.

Episode 11 - 13 Hours of Hell With Mark 'Oz' Geist

On September 11, 2012, members of the Ansar al-Sharia attacked two United States compounds in Benghazi, Libya. We are honored to have Mr. Mark ‘Oz’ Geist sit down with us in studio to recount those hellish 13 Hours! Mark co-authored the New York Times best seller, ’13 Hours’ with fellow GRS Security Team Members Kris ‘Tanto’ Paranto, and John ‘Tig’ Tiegen which was subsequently made into a blockbuster movie. Mark also discusses his non-profit Shadow Warriors Project which he co-founded with his wife Krystal.

Buy your own copy of the book, ’13 Hours’ 

Learn more about their Non-Profit, The Shadow Warriors Project

Episode 10 - Humanizing the Badge with Vinnie Montez

After a 20-year career in Law Enforcement, Vinnie Montez is finding a new passion and success in comedy! Vinnie has performed across the country with some of comedies biggest names. But now, he is using his comedy to bring a human side to the men and women who put on a uniform, and a badge every day to protect the communities they live and work in as law enforcement officers.

Learn more about Vinnie Montez and his comedy! 

Humanize the Badge is a Non-Profit organization whose mission is to help develop strong relationships between communities and law enforcement.

Episode 9 - Coming Out

Gay Pride isn’t just a movement, it is an empowerment for someone to truly be who they are. The reality is, many people who identify as gay, lesbian, trans-gendered or otherwise still face the brutal reality of nonacceptance in our society. This week, Dr. Mitch Harlan sits down with Taylor, a teenager who struggled for years with anxiety, depression, and even bullying because she was different. Watch as she tells her incredible story about coming out to her parents and friends and how that empowered her to be who she was born to be.

Social media support groups for the LGBTQ community:

Facebook, Give Us The Floor for Teens, The Trevor Project

Episode 8 - Vaccinated: The Quest for Truth with Del Bigtree

Vaccinations are one of the hottest topics today. From COVID to autism, vaccines and their safety have been a hot button debate for decades. This week, Dr. Mitch Harlan interviews Mr. Del Bigtree, writer and producer of ‘Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe’ and host of the hit show, ‘The HighWire with Del Bigtree’. Watch and listen as he explains the need for more research and transparency from the NIH, CDC, and WHO on the safety of vaccines.

You can catch Del on The HighWire here or on YouTube!


Episode 7 - Faithfully Fit

Micah and Diana LaCerte have taken the fitness world by storm with their incredible online fitness system, HitchFit. Ranked as the #1 online fitness system in the world! In this episode, both Micah and Diana tell their personal stories, from becoming world-class athletes and gracing the covers of fitness magazines, to understanding that transforming the body physically can also transform a person emotionally and spiritually. But perhaps their greatest success has come from their generous work with the people of Haiti through the Mission E4 non-profit organization.

So, if you are ready to transform your body, reach out to them today and use our very own promo code TRUTH50 to receive $50 off your enrollment!

Episode 6 - Welcome To Las Vegas

This week’s episode is our official launch of Truth Talks Las Vegas. Dr. Mitch Harlan and Dr. Jon Petrick sit down for a candid introduction.

Episode 5 - Defying Odds Roman's Journey

Spina Bifida is a neural tube defect (NTD) that occurs in roughly 1,650 births annually in the United States. Dr. Harlan shares the story of Roman Dinkel, the 4 year old internet sensation who was born with Spina Bifida. Watch as his parents Whitney and Adam Dinkel share their story of ‘Defying Odds Romans Journey’.

You can learn more about Roman and his journey on his official Facebook page: Defying Odds Romans Journey

Episode 4 - The Call

James Teitscheid received the call no parent ever wants to get, that his teenage daughter Katey had died by suicide. Watch as he courageously tells his story to Dr. Mitch Harlan. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Episode 3 - Officer Down

On March 23, 2016, Thornton, Colorado Police Officer Pat Long was shot multiple times while performing a traffic stop. Watch as Pat and Dr. Mitch Harlan recount that fateful night and the impacts it had on Pat and his family afterwards. 

Pat Long is retired now, but travels all over telling his story, and advocating for mental health for first-responder’s. Pat can be reached at:

Episode 2 - Autism Beat Down

April is Autism Awareness month, and Autism is something that hits close to home with Dr Mitch Harlan and Producer Chad. In this episode, Dr Harlan interviews his wife Mindy on the struggles, sacrifices and triumphs of raising a child on the spectrum.

Here are some resources for Autism:

‘Welcome to Holland’ by Emily P. Kingsley…

Episode 1 - The Entrepreneur

Rodman Schley of 9 Ball Studios sits down with Dr. Mitch Harlan to discuss entrepreneurship, becoming an urban farmer, and visiting the White House. Listen in to hear all of Rodman’s story!